Margherita Paoletti is an italian illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated in 2012 in Illustration and Animation at IED in Rome. During her studies she had the opportunity to explore and deepen the old art of engraving that became her main means of expression. Margherita attended summer courses at Central Saints Martin and BTK in Berlin, and received a master degree in Illustration and Graphic Design at ISIA, in Urbino (2015). In the past year she’s been doing Artistic Residencies in Estonia an Japan. Margherita is a creative artist devoted to craftsmanship and drawing, she likes to illustrate stories and concepts of all kinds and origins, using different techniques like painting, drawing and etching.



•Trykimuuseum, Printing Museum, Tartu, Estonia. www.trykimuuseum.ee
•AIRY, Artist in Residence Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan. www.air-y.net

• December 2016_ Tittoo for you open studio, Torino. •August 2016_ Futetsu Gallery, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. www.fusetsugallery.net •August 2016_ My Japan’s point of view, AIRY, Artist in Residence Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan.
•April / may 2016_ Images beneath music at Trykkimuuseum, Tartu and Grusbeke Tower, Tallinn, Estonia. •July / September 2016_ Personal exhibition at Locos bar, Rovereto, Trentino. •4/7 February 2016_ Bibliotecha Wittockiana, Bruxelles, Belgio. www.award.renecarcan.be •November 2015 / January 2016_ International Print Centre New York, New York, United States. www.ipcny.org