Hello! My name is Margherita Paoletti and I’m an Italian illustrator and graphic designer. 
Currently based in Italy. I’m working with magazines and brands worldwide.

Available for collaborations and commissions: paoletti.margherita@gmail.com

Compound Butter
Centre for feminist foreign policy
Women who draw

Artistic Residencies
Trykimuuseum, Printing Museum, Tartu, Estonia
AIRY, Kofu, Japan

• December 2016_ Tittoo for you open studio, Torino.
• August 2016_ Futetsu Gallery, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. www.fusetsugallery.net •August 2016_ My Japan’s point of view, AIRY, Artist in Residence Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan.
• April / may 2016_ Images beneath music at Trykkimuuseum, Tartu and Grusbeke Tower, Tallinn, Estonia.
• July / September 2016_ Personal exhibition at Locos bar, Rovereto, Trentino.
• 4/7 February 2016_ Bibliotecha Wittockiana, Bruxelles, Belgio. www.award.renecarcan.be • November 2015 / January 2016_ International Print Centre New York, New York, United States. www.ipcny.org