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Margherita Paoletti is an Italian illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker. After graduating in Illustration, Animation and Graphic design, Margherita undertakes the path of Artistic Residencies in Estonia and Japan.In Estonia, at the Printing museum of Tartu, she develops an illustrated project based on Estonia’s folk songs, using the engraving technique. In Japan Margherita has the chance to explore Japanese culture, developing a serie of ironic drawing showing traditions and customs of this far land.In 2017 Margherita works as an illustrator, animator and designer for a jewelry brand based in Notting Hill, London. Margherita is a creative artist devoted to craftsmanship and drawing, she likes to illustrate stories and concepts of all kinds and origins, using different techniques like painting, drawing and etching.

What I do:

Wall paintings
Editorial illustrations
Poster design
Websites design
Apparel design
GIF animations
Logo design
Packaging design


2018_ Group Exhibition. Dreams that money can’t buy, Factory Grisù, Ferrara.
2016_ Futetsu Gallery, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan.
2016_ My Japan’s point of view, AIRY, Artist in Residence Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan.
2016_ Bibliotecha Wittockiana, Bruxelles, Belgio.
2016_ Images beneath music at Trykkimuuseum, Tartu and Grusbeke Tower, Tallinn, Estonia.



E-mail: paoletti.margherita [AT]