Quarantine blog!

Quarantine for artist is like an euphemism, we already are driven to be isolated in our studios while we paint or create our artworks. 

Although, being forced to stay home is another story. I’ve been lucky because my studio is in my home, so my habits didn’t change so much. Even so, there’s this climate of uncertainty and danger that pervades every aspect of our lives. So I wake up and think of work, I do breakfast while reading a book. I focus on planning and building a strategy for this situation and for the after

Also I’m doing something very very fun. It’s an online live sketching! Basically I connect online with a class of young people, share my screen and start drawing all their ideas for a future event about sustainability! 

This experience gave me the idea of starting live streaming videos from my studio, while painting. It’s something I’ve never done before and I never thought it could be so inspiring and challenging! More to come for sure!

Some illustration during quarantine

Meanwhile outside the studio

There’re no cars nor people around, this quiet dimension for once is outside our home. That’s why we try to keep up with ideas and things to do inside the house: making plans for meals, new recipes (not so fat), talking and discussing, laundry and so on. Never let go and be overwhelm by negativity and pessimism, it’s not like I never get hit by this feeling, but when I do I try to think about when I’ll be able to meet my family and friends again, this work for me!

Stay safe, stay resilient!