Hello April!

A new Illustration

This is the result of the collaboration with Edition La Poule Rouge in Paris, they contacted me to make an illustration that talked about Palawa tribe in Tasmania. Their story is very sad, all the Palawa population has been segregated, enslaved and now there’s nothing left. We wanted to make an homage to their tradition and their bond with nature, so I thought of making my females silhouettes using Palawa’s colors: blue for the sky (they believed that spirits were living among stars) and ochre as their main trademark.

Each Sunday in the past two weeks, I’ve been painting while streaming live from my studio, all my friends and followers could see the process of creating a painting from a blank canvas. In the first session I was quite happy and excited, also a bit anxious about it. Eventually, as soon as I started painting I felt very comfortable and super happy that all my friends were there and for a moment I even forgot what was going on outside.

I’m trying to use technology in a less individual way, meaning sharing more what’s going on behind the scene, making art more approachable and comprehensible even more human. I think that showing the process rather than the final piece makes people understand all the artisan work and the dedication behind the definition of being an artist.

Some more illustrations during quarantine

Meanwhile outside the studio

Those two weeks have been full of baking and cooking, now we decided to keep it a bit low…definitely too many carbs. We’re doing Pilates and cyclette regularly and I can’t tell you how much this is helping my body, I feel healthier and stronger.

Meanwhile I’m getting more skilled in making sourdough whole-grain bread and I’m very happy to show you my results. 

Useful links:

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Stay safe, stay resilient!


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