My Sunday thing

Last Sunday I painted live again! I’m starting to think this could be my Sunday thing of course until we all need to stay home for quarantine. So be prepared for a new Facebook live pretty soon. I look forward to welcoming you in my studio while I paint another piece!

Below the piece I painted last sunday

I try to use art to interpret the situation we are all facing right now using my own style and vision trying to evoke hope and positivity. In this painting there’s a butterfly where lungs should be surrounded by everyday elements like a simple table, computer, guitar, food, mask, pie, book and cat. All those elements are painted like tattoos on a woman’s body, I think of tattoos like a form of storytelling, each person can interpret the painting depending on her or his life. This pictorial style has huge expressive possibilities and it’s one of my favorites.

Analog Illustrations

During the past week I’ve been hit by a creative wave so I decided to experiment with the tools I collected during these years: guache, crayons and wax pastels. I intend to explore new styles and materials to use for creating my illustrations. Lately I’ve been using my Ipad or acrylic, now I want to push it forward and try to add new techniques. Experimenting can be frustrating or exciting, it depends on the result. You need time to look at your final piece and judge by yourself what’s good or not and then take the next step. Most important you need to be patient while you practice, turning errors into advantages and keep going.

Below some examples of what I’ve been experimenting

Some videos: Printmaking / wax pastel time lapse

News from my online shop

Tidying up is the best way to get your mind clear, I do it quite often changing the disposition of tables and stuff while thinking of new projects.

That’s when I found a treasure of prints left unsold from my previous website so I decided to sell them with discount on my online shop!

Meanwhile outside the studio

Luckily the place where we live has a shared garden where we go for little adventures with Whisky. It’s a magical moment when the sun is setting down behind the mountains. 

Twenty days ago I started to cultivate my homemade starter from scratch, well I can’t believe I actually did everything all right so voilà here’s the first bread ever with my new starter (which I called Giangiorgio).

Ps: I’m so damn happy about it!


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