Ladies Room Exhibition

San Francisco 2019

A juried, all-women art event held in San Francisco, October 2019

The inaugural edition of The Ladies Room took place October 25-27, 2019 in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. Eighteen women artists from around the world gathered together to exhibit and discuss their work with visitors and collectors alike. A new twist on the standard art fair model, over 300 women-identifying artists applied for entry. Danielle Krysa, known as the Jealous Curator, who is an influencer, blogger, author and artist, chose the winning artists. Artists came from Italy, France, Canada and the US for the long weekend event.

Devised as an “a new take on an art fair”, The Ladies Room was a small, intimate and highly curated art fair, where visitors could interact with the artists and learn more about their practice. Sales seemingly reflected that enthusiasm, and artists developed numerous new contacts and collectors, friendships with other artists, and gained a foothold in the San Francisco art scene.